Train your brain to concentrate

- Thu, 11 Oct 2007

Concentration sometimes seems elusive - some days it is so much better than others. And as we age our natural attention span and short term memory decline for a number of reasons. This can be deeply frustrating. Leading neurospychologist Nicola Gates, who designs the neuroscience based brain games for Headstrong Cognitive Fitness, recommends these six easy ways to enhance your concentration in daily life:

1. Select tasks and activities that do not take too long, or take a break after 40 minutes - that's when attention starts to wane.
2. Remove distractions such as television and radios as it takes brain power not to focus on those things.
3. Schedule difficult appointments and activities at your best time of day - usually in the morning.
4. Repeat in your mind what you are doing or concentrating upon so your mind doesn't wander off.
5. Block out distracting thoughts or ideas.
6. Keep your health, sleep well and don't stress too much. Poor health, lack of sleep and stress all reduce your attention capacity.

If you are concerned that your short term memory and concentration might need more serious help then you can find out how brain training exercises work by clicking here. They look like brain teasers but are more substanital and are scientifically proven to help protect the brain from  age-related memory loss and poor concentration and can act as a buffer against problems like dementia and Alzheimer's disease. You can join today for less than $20 a month - simply go to Headstrong Cognitive Fitness.

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