What To Look For In Your Brain Vitamins and Memory Supplements

Research shows that taking memory supplements regularly to improve and preserve our brain balance is a goodstrategy for anti-aging.

But what are the best memory supplements?

There is so much contradicting information out there that makes deciding very confusing.

6 memory supplements work best to achieve brain balance:

Good quality memory supplements should include the following brain boosters from herbs and plants:

1. Ginko biloba, which improves blood circulation, helps deliver to our brain the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for proper brain functioning and memory.

Ginko biloba is used in the best supplements for memory because it has more brain benefits aside from memory enhancement.
It also improves the person’s overall mental processes which includes concentration by improving the body’s blood circulation.

Good blood circulation takes oxygen efficiently throughout the body, thus preventing concentration problems, blurred thinking, and memory loss.

2. Huperzia serrata A, a Chinese herb that helps neurotransmitters in our brain for mild age-related memory problems. The chinese also recommend it for students during studies for exams.

3. Periwinkle plant Vinpocetine, an extract acting as a vasoconstrictor that increases blood flow in the brain, improving concentration and memory

4. Green tea is also high is antioxidants.

5. Ginseng.

6. Rosemary. Both ginseng and rosemary are great energy boosters and anti-depressants too. This is also good for stimulating the brain and improving memory.

Other great ways to boost your memory are memory techniques like brain puzzles.

If you plan on taking supplements for a better memory, try buying memory supplements/memory vitamins that contain the above mentioned natural ingredients.

In addition, you have to eat nutritious foods rich in antioxidants, Omega-3, and folate. Aside from taking memory supplements, healthy eating and active lifestyle are the best way to go for a great overall mental health.

These could be easily accomplished by juicing fruits and vegetables for their natural brain vitamins.