Memory Boosters – Tips To Help You Remember

One sure fire memory booster to is to vary your recall times. Once you hear or see something that you wish to remember try recall that information one to two minutes after that you first heard or saw it.

This will help your mind place the thought into your long-term memory. Make sure to repeat this again 30 minutes later which will really improve your memory retention.

Those that are over-achievers can do this one more time 1-2 hours later.

Choose wisely what put in your mouth

If you like chocolate then this might be right up your alley. Did you know that eating dark chocolate in moderation and I do stress that word in moderation… can be very good for your mind. Dark chocolate cause the brain to release more of the neurotransmitter dopamine which the right amounts helps your brain remember people, places and events.

Drinking apple juice has been shown help with Alzheimer’s disease so drink your Apple juice. The apple juice study was conducted by Thomas B Shea of the Center for cellular neurobiology. Basically he had rats with the same memory problems as Alzheimer’s patients then gave them apple juice which caused relief of the rat’s memory problems.

Avoid drinking alcohol – who hasn’t had a time where you drank too much alcohol and can’t remember what happened in the past few hours/days? Well maybe not everyone.

Make sure you have enough omega-3 in your diet. Fish oil vitamins are a great source of Omega-3s and having good levels of omega-3 is essential for proper brain function.

Exercise – Yes Exercise

Keep your heart in good shape – Cardiovascular disease decreases blood flow into the brain therefore impairing your ability to make new memories. So keep your heart healthy and it will help keep your mind healthy.

Exercise your mind by getting involved in topics that involve active thinking. Things such as puzzles or trying to figure out a mystery can help keep your mind fit. Passively watching TV will just won’t do it. So if you do watch a lot of TV then try and watch something that involves your mind such as a mystery and then trying to figure out who done it.

Play with your pet if you have one. As mentioned before exercise of both your mind and body are important for a having good memory. Playing with your dog or cat can be a great way to both get some physical exercise and have a great time with your pet.

Laugh and Just say no to Stress

Have you ever heard the saying laughter is the best medicine? Well when it comes to remembering things it just might be. Daniel Goleman who wrote the book emotional intelligence believes that laughter helps people think more broadly and really.

Avoiding Stress – it may to simpler to avoid alcohol than stress but stress is probably just as bad alcohol for your mind and body. Stress is related to cardiovascular disease and heart problems which can reduce blood flow to the brain. Also stress can activate a kinase C protein that can prevent short-term memory.

Always a get good amount sleep as the lack of sleep greatly impairs your ability to concentrate and can can lead to more stress. Also if can’t concentrate on a piece of information then you can’t remember it.