Memory Booster Foods

The best thing you should know for memory booster is diet. It improves memory by shedding out all essential nutrients to maintain brain function.

There are foods that can boost our memory. Foods full of nutrients like fats, vitamins, protein; sugar etc. These foods protect our brain from cell damage and keep our brain healthy.

Here are some Brain Booster Foods

Seafood is a good brain booster. Like, Omega-3, one of the most important food nutrition for our brain, because its nutrition improves our memory. It is not only good for heart but also it’s good for our brain. But if you have allergy eating fish, you will not worry because there are medicines available in drug store.

Another good source of nutrients is Spinach. Spinach has folic acid that avoids Alzheimer’s disease.

Grapes and eggplants are very healthy food that is rich in anthocyamin. It is a very great antioxidant.

Berries also have plenty of antioxidants which cleanse the body and also the blood vessels for good blood flow and it has Fisetin. Onions have Fisetin as well; Fisetin gives a lot of help. It is for the improvement of neurons in our brain. It gives a long term memory progress. Cantaloupe, tomatoes, oranges are foods which also have fisetin. Fisetin is a very good for mental health.

One more is Apples. Apple is also a memory booster food. Based on studies, it is much better to eat apple without peeling it. The skin of apple has 80% of quercetin and only 20% of quercetin in its flesh. Furthermore, the skin has plenty of fiber which is good for cleansing the intestines.

Lastly, eggs are one more source of choline, which is important to have in our body. Many people are afraid to eat eggs because of high cholesterol but in fact it is very good in our brains. Just eat eggs in a limited amount.

These are some foods which are for memory booster. You must always eat these and additional is to sleep early. Encoding, consolidation, and retrieval. Many of these happen when we are sleeping. Hence, the things you learn throughout the day will only turn out to be a part of your long term memory only when you sleep – so make sure you take a lot.