Brain Training Exercises help maintain cognitive fitness.

Your HeadStrong brain training program features over 200 scientifically-based brain boosting exercises and scenarios. It's designed to improve your cognitive fitness in the five key areas that affect your everyday life:

  • Mental speed
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Language
  • Memory
  • Problem Solving

These are the functions that deteriorate with normal age related cognitive decline. Training them as soon as possible allows you to recapture the mental sharpness you might otherwise lose.

Here's just a handful of the exercises:

Facial Recognition

Have you ever met someone only to forget their name just  moments later? It's an embarrassing situation for everyone involved and is one of the most common signs of age-related cognitive decline.

Simulating real-life social situations such as parties and work meetings, your facial recognition exercises train you to remember new faces in an instant so you'll never face that embarrassing situation again.

Auditory Verbal

Do you ever zone out while watching TV, miss out on important information, or find yourself not following a story? You're not alone...

Your auditory verbal exercises train you to remember key pieces of information through fun and enjoyable stories. Watching movies becomes a pleasure once again!

Addition Subtraction

Everyday activities like keeping track of your shopping budget can become difficult as you mature. Even small mistakes can lead to confusion at the checkout.

Your addition subtraction exercise puts you in real-life scenarios that you can benefit from right away.

And there's so many more!
Each of the games are fun, challenging and rewarding, but most importantly they're based on the best scientific research available to improve your cognitive fitness.

All Of The Exercises Have
Three Key Features.
They Are...


Your results are used as a baseline to measure your improvement. Your progress will be regularly monitored through a process of re-evaluation.Your brain program may be reviewed to ensure continuous improvement and to meet your individual needs. We'll make sure you target the areas you want to enhance and maintain.


The HeadStrong software training is gentle and understanding.  It will quickly adapt to your skill level, always challenging, but never too hard or easy.  The software is easy to use and understand so you can relax and train at your own pace.  With over 200 exercises and scenarios, it is never dull or boring, and the program will grow and develop as you do.


HeadStrong training is accessible for the hearing and visually impaired via the usability controls on each exercise. Embedded directly into the software are tips and techniques to help you achieve more in everyday scenarios.  The HeadStrong system leads you through a series of techniques you can use right now to improve your everyday brain performance.

You can get started right away.

Limited No Charge Brain Training Now Available

As part of our commitment to constant innovation in brain training, HeadStrong is making available a limited number of full brain training subscriptions at no charge.

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HeadStrong Benefits:

1) Maintain Peak Performance

HeadStrong's program helps you stay at your mental best, even as you age.

2) Gentle. Understanding

Our training program quickly adapts to your skill level. Never too hard, never too easy.

3) Train at your own pace

Train at the level you feel comfortable at or be challenged.

4) Easy to use. Accessible.

HeadStrong's exercises are easy to use and easy to understand. Suitable for all ages.

5) Expert Advice

HeadStrong is resourced by real clinicians and published experts.

6) Never Boring

With over 100 exercises and scenarios in development, you'll never get bored brain training.