What is processing Speed?

The brain requires time and capacity to process information and plan an appropriate response.  The duration of 'thinking' time is known as processing speed, and is closely associated with  attention. Slowing in processing is a consequence of normal age-related brain deterioration, making it harder to capture information, process it and respond.

Other common factors that contribute to slower processing are:

  • Fatigue or being tired, leads to a significant slowing in the brain’s capacity to efficiently process information,
  • Diminution of sensory input associated with hearing loss and reduced visual acuity.
Both these factors are associated with normal aging, so have your hearing and vision checked regularly.

What problems arise?

A person experiencing slowed information processing will take longer to respond to questions
and complete tasks. They may lose track of information and task requirements, and not be able
to process complex information adequately, for example, when following lengthy instructions
and conversations.

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