How Does Juggling Balls Improve Your Brain Fitness?

Brain fitness can mean the difference between being able to quickly recount memories as opposed to forgetting last years Christmas celebrations.

Brain Fitness Though Juggling

Maintaining a brain that serves you well throughout your whole life, can be achieved by the simple art of juggling. Now although many other factors will come into your life which may impact your health and well being, it has been proven that juggling can in fact enhance your brain fitness and your brain’s neuroplasticity. This is the ability of the brain to change and grow with new stimuli introduced.

Although it is not an easy task to master straight away, is one of the best ways you can improve the fitness of your brain. Every time you see a juggler on the street or performing a juggling act on stage, know one thing about this person – their brain is fit, in fact, their brain is very fit. Not only is juggling a wonderful aerobic exercise pumping oxygen around a body through physical actions.

Brain Fitness Benefits

Juggling also achieves the following benefits:

Improving your hand-eye coordination – being able to hand-write, type and catch a ball well into your nineties
Enhancing your reflexes – think how important this is when driving
Improving your peripheral vision – did you see that other car out of the corner of your eye coming towards you whilst you were crossing the road?
Changing your brain’s grey matter – being able to process calculations, recall where you met a person in the past, remembering names and faces
Enhancing your overall motor skills
There was an experiment carried out by researchers in Germany at the University of Regensberg. A group of 12 people who were inexperienced in the art of juggling were asked to practice this activity for 3 months.

At the end of this period, when this group were compared to a group which were the control group (they did no juggling at all), brain scans showed the juggling group had increased their grey matter (cell bodies responsible for processing and computing in the brain) by 3-4 %.

Note, when this group stopped juggling for 3 months and were then re-examined, the initial grey matter had decreased by 2-3%.

A further study was carried outwith a group of older adults in 2008 at the University of Hamburg. The results were similar in that the juggling activity over a period of 3 months once again achieved Brain fitnessthe following benefits:

1. Within the hippocampus (part in the brain forming memories) there was an improvement in the processing of these memories

2.the nucleus accumbens (brain’s pleasure center)and visual centers showed improvement.

Although the improvements deteriorated when the juggling ceased, this experiment once again suggested that the aging brain can retain its ability to change and grow when challenged and faced with new experiences.

So, the key point here is that, you can increase your brain fitness and influence your brain’s efficiency in terms of processing power if you challenge it. This is extremely important as is consistency with such challenges and new experiences. A simple activity like juggling can be the very activity that you can do any where, at any time such as at home, in your backyard, at the park, or with a group of friends which will improve the fitness of your brain.


What To Look For In Your Brain Vitamins and Memory Supplements

Research shows that taking memory supplements regularly to improve and preserve our brain balance is a goodstrategy for anti-aging.

But what are the best memory supplements?

There is so much contradicting information out there that makes deciding very confusing.

6 memory supplements work best to achieve brain balance:

Good quality memory supplements should include the following brain boosters from herbs and plants:

1. Ginko biloba, which improves blood circulation, helps deliver to our brain the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for proper brain functioning and memory.

Ginko biloba is used in the best supplements for memory because it has more brain benefits aside from memory enhancement.
It also improves the person’s overall mental processes which includes concentration by improving the body’s blood circulation.

Good blood circulation takes oxygen efficiently throughout the body, thus preventing concentration problems, blurred thinking, and memory loss.

2. Huperzia serrata A, a Chinese herb that helps neurotransmitters in our brain for mild age-related memory problems. The chinese also recommend it for students during studies for exams.

3. Periwinkle plant Vinpocetine, an extract acting as a vasoconstrictor that increases blood flow in the brain, improving concentration and memory

4. Green tea is also high is antioxidants.

5. Ginseng.

6. Rosemary. Both ginseng and rosemary are great energy boosters and anti-depressants too. This is also good for stimulating the brain and improving memory.

Other great ways to boost your memory are memory techniques like brain puzzles.

If you plan on taking supplements for a better memory, try buying memory supplements/memory vitamins that contain the above mentioned natural ingredients.

In addition, you have to eat nutritious foods rich in antioxidants, Omega-3, and folate. Aside from taking memory supplements, healthy eating and active lifestyle are the best way to go for a great overall mental health.

These could be easily accomplished by juicing fruits and vegetables for their natural brain vitamins.


Memory Booster Foods

The best thing you should know for memory booster is diet. It improves memory by shedding out all essential nutrients to maintain brain function.

There are foods that can boost our memory. Foods full of nutrients like fats, vitamins, protein; sugar etc. These foods protect our brain from cell damage and keep our brain healthy.

Here are some Brain Booster Foods

Seafood is a good brain booster. Like, Omega-3, one of the most important food nutrition for our brain, because its nutrition improves our memory. It is not only good for heart but also it’s good for our brain. But if you have allergy eating fish, you will not worry because there are medicines available in drug store.

Another good source of nutrients is Spinach. Spinach has folic acid that avoids Alzheimer’s disease.

Grapes and eggplants are very healthy food that is rich in anthocyamin. It is a very great antioxidant.

Berries also have plenty of antioxidants which cleanse the body and also the blood vessels for good blood flow and it has Fisetin. Onions have Fisetin as well; Fisetin gives a lot of help. It is for the improvement of neurons in our brain. It gives a long term memory progress. Cantaloupe, tomatoes, oranges are foods which also have fisetin. Fisetin is a very good for mental health.

One more is Apples. Apple is also a memory booster food. Based on studies, it is much better to eat apple without peeling it. The skin of apple has 80% of quercetin and only 20% of quercetin in its flesh. Furthermore, the skin has plenty of fiber which is good for cleansing the intestines.

Lastly, eggs are one more source of choline, which is important to have in our body. Many people are afraid to eat eggs because of high cholesterol but in fact it is very good in our brains. Just eat eggs in a limited amount.

These are some foods which are for memory booster. You must always eat these and additional is to sleep early. Encoding, consolidation, and retrieval. Many of these happen when we are sleeping. Hence, the things you learn throughout the day will only turn out to be a part of your long term memory only when you sleep – so make sure you take a lot.


Fish Oil Vitamins And Your Mind

Have you ever met someone before and not been able to recall his or her name? This is a common problem with many people. Fish oil vitamins can help you improve your memory and avoid some of those embarrassing moments.

Since the acquisition of new memory is strongly related to concentration which means that when you have difficulty concentrating it becomes greatly more difficult to acquire new information.

There was a study in England where kids greatly improved their concentration and overall grades by taking fish oil vitamins once a day. Thus incorporating more fish oil into your diet can help improve your concentration.

The special ingredient in fish oil is Omege-3 which is essential to memory and a deficiency can be related to problems in concentration. Now that you know that omega-3 is essential to memory you might be wondering how get more omega-3s in your diet.

Sources that most people get their omega-3s
leafy green vegetables
and of course fish

Note: One of the drawbacks of eating fish is that fish can contain high levels of mercury and other toxins due to pollution.

So if you already consume large quantities of these food and you probably don’t need omega-3 fish oil vitamins. Although many of us don’t eat enough of these foods because of those mouth-watering fast foods. So if the above foods don’t seem appetizing to you there’s always the option of getting your Omega-3s from vitamins.

Fish oil vitamins come in two forms which are as a liquid or in pill form.Fish oil supplements are inexpensive as you can buy fish oil a good amount of fish oil vitamins for not very much on Amazon. The liquid form is slightly more expensive although many people believe that it is more effective than the pills.

What other things are fish oil vitamins good for besides memory?

Well fish oil vitamins can help with cholesterol problems as it they have been shown to help out blood flow along your small blood vessels, which sometimes can be blocked by cholesterol.
Another thing is that fish oil vitamins can relieve constipation without using a laxative which could have other unwanted side effects.

In addition fish oil is a blood thinner which can be good and bad. So if you’re already taking any other blood thinners you should to consult a doctor before you start taking fish oil vitamins.

How should I take fish oil?

Usually you should always take fish oil supplements with meals as to eliminate belching and to get rid of the fishy aftertaste that you might get from fish oil.
When you first start taking fish oil you might want to start with pill type, as a liquid form is usually stronger and faster acting which can cause more stomach irritation.


Memory Boosters – Tips To Help You Remember

One sure fire memory booster to is to vary your recall times. Once you hear or see something that you wish to remember try recall that information one to two minutes after that you first heard or saw it.

This will help your mind place the thought into your long-term memory. Make sure to repeat this again 30 minutes later which will really improve your memory retention.

Those that are over-achievers can do this one more time 1-2 hours later.

Choose wisely what put in your mouth

If you like chocolate then this might be right up your alley. Did you know that eating dark chocolate in moderation and I do stress that word in moderation… can be very good for your mind. Dark chocolate cause the brain to release more of the neurotransmitter dopamine which the right amounts helps your brain remember people, places and events.

Drinking apple juice has been shown help with Alzheimer’s disease so drink your Apple juice. The apple juice study was conducted by Thomas B Shea of the Center for cellular neurobiology. Basically he had rats with the same memory problems as Alzheimer’s patients then gave them apple juice which caused relief of the rat’s memory problems.

Avoid drinking alcohol – who hasn’t had a time where you drank too much alcohol and can’t remember what happened in the past few hours/days? Well maybe not everyone.

Make sure you have enough omega-3 in your diet. Fish oil vitamins are a great source of Omega-3s and having good levels of omega-3 is essential for proper brain function.

Exercise – Yes Exercise

Keep your heart in good shape – Cardiovascular disease decreases blood flow into the brain therefore impairing your ability to make new memories. So keep your heart healthy and it will help keep your mind healthy.

Exercise your mind by getting involved in topics that involve active thinking. Things such as puzzles or trying to figure out a mystery can help keep your mind fit. Passively watching TV will just won’t do it. So if you do watch a lot of TV then try and watch something that involves your mind such as a mystery and then trying to figure out who done it.

Play with your pet if you have one. As mentioned before exercise of both your mind and body are important for a having good memory. Playing with your dog or cat can be a great way to both get some physical exercise and have a great time with your pet.

Laugh and Just say no to Stress

Have you ever heard the saying laughter is the best medicine? Well when it comes to remembering things it just might be. Daniel Goleman who wrote the book emotional intelligence believes that laughter helps people think more broadly and really.

Avoiding Stress – it may to simpler to avoid alcohol than stress but stress is probably just as bad alcohol for your mind and body. Stress is related to cardiovascular disease and heart problems which can reduce blood flow to the brain. Also stress can activate a kinase C protein that can prevent short-term memory.

Always a get good amount sleep as the lack of sleep greatly impairs your ability to concentrate and can can lead to more stress. Also if can’t concentrate on a piece of information then you can’t remember it.